rsynch --include not matching

I’m trying to mirror a repository with rsync followed by createrepo.

rsync -avz --delete --exclude="*00archived*" --exclude="{*debuginfo*,*debugsource*}" --exclude="SRPMS/" --exclude="**/*.src.rpm" --include="**/*.rpm" --exclude="*" rsync:// "/run/media/root/DFS1JFS64/Vendors/openSUSE/repos/oss"

This is, public rsync server of,
limited to 50 connections.

If you run a public mirror, please get in contact so we can give you 
access to the stage rsync server.
You'll find conditions for access and further information at


receiving incremental file list

sent 122 bytes  received 41 bytes  65.20 bytes/sec
total size is 0  speedup is 0.00
linux-gn5l:~ # 

I assume that –include="/*.rpm"** is incorrect, but I don’t see what is wrong with it.

AFAICS it’s the '–exlude ‘*’ ’ after the include.


[LEFT]The filter rules allow for flexible selection of which files to transfer(include) and which files to skip (exclude). The rules either directlyspecify include/exclude patterns or they specify a way to acquire moreinclude/exclude patterns (e.g. to read them from a file).As the list of files/directories to transfer is built, rsync checks eachname to be transferred against the list of include/exclude patterns inturn, and the first matching pattern is acted on: if it is an excludepattern, then that file is skipped; if it is an include pattern then thatfilename is not skipped; if no matching pattern is found, then thefilename is not skipped."