Rsync options

I have 2 folders that are synced using rsync. Right now if I delete a file in the source folder, the destination folder still retains that file. Is there a way to get rsync to delete files if they were deleting at the source?

I could not find anything in the man page…not sure if I’m missing something or if that feature just doesn’t exist.

I think thats what you’re searching for:

Have a look also at Luckybackup. This is a brilliant front end to rsync which lets you trial configurations in “dry run” mode so you can play with options without risk and acts as a tutor tool.

If I’m using the command below, what would the syntax be when I add the delete option?

rsync -art /hd/1/www/abacabb /root/Desktop/rsync_cache/txhttp/

rsync -art --delete /hd/1/www/abacabb /root/Desktop/rsync_cache/txhttp/