rpmbuild permissions...

I am trying to modify an rpm. Part of the modification is working perfectly. That is where the source files are patched and compiled.

The part that is not woking is when the rpm is installed. It creates two directories with the wrong permissions.

I have located two different command sequences where these directories are created.

The Makefile has commands to create these directories. So I created patch files to modify the permissions of these two directories. That did nothing. The directories were created with the wrong permissions. I did not expect this first change to work since I did not think the install section of the Makefile was used when installing an rpm file.

Then I changed the permissions in the spec file. There in the %files section I changed the %attr. This seemed more appropriate place to change the permissions. I thought this file was used to perform the rpm install. However, changing the %attr in the %file section for these two directories did nothing. The directories still had the wrong permissions after the install. Then I looked at the %post section of the spec file. There the procedure for starting/stopping/restarting was installed. After that the %run_permissions was run. I thought possibly this was changing the permissions. However, when I looked in all the files of /etc/permissions.d there were no lines specifying either of these two directories. Then I removed the %run_permissions line completely. When I installed the built rpm they were still created with the wrong permissions. I even modified the description and authors just to make sure I was installing the rpm I just built. :slight_smile: I was indeed installing the package I just built.

Then I searched with grep for the name of the directories including the -i option of /etc// and /etc/* do see if there were any references in any of those locations. There was nothing.

Does anybody have any idea where I might look for why these directories are being created with the wrong permissions?