route for localhost missing? (12.3, KDE4 & NM)

I have 2 computers on 12.3 KDE4. One has a route for localhost defined (YAST & hotplug managed) and one not (NetworkManager).
ip route show* output:
default via dev eth1 dev lo scope link dev eth1 scope link dev eth1 proto kernel scope link src

default via dev eth1 proto static dev eth1 proto kernel scope link src

1 - is this a problem / should I “fix” this?
2 - how should I fix it?


If you are not noticing a problem, then there likely isn’t one.

Your networking knows how to access 127...* without and added route.

All that’s really missing is a route for 169.254.. and I can’t recall ever needing that. As far as I know, you only need that when your network is broken, and it is usually better to fix the network problem than to worry about link local addresses.

Pleas jetojedno,

Next time you post computer output here in a post, copy/past the prompt, the command the output and the next prompt into the post between CODE tag. You get the CODE tags by clicking on the # button in the tool bar of the post editor.

Including the command in your copy/paste sweep will make typing things like “ip route show output:” completely superfluous.


henk@boven:~> ip route
default via dev eth0 dev eth0  proto kernel  scope link  src dev lo  scope link dev eth0  scope link 

Thanks. No visible networking problem, but there are unexplained delays in starting some features in some programs (e.g. evolution), which could be some kind of timeout. If they’re still there after I upgrade to 13.1 then I’ll try & trace.