Root permission changed

Well guys…i’ve made a big mistake.I’ve changed accidentally and recursively the permission of the root folder (not /root,but / )After i noticed,i wanted to change it back…and used 666,but i did much more damage than the first time.Isn’t there a program that checks all the vital files permissions,or something like that?Since then,all my applications and servers are messed out.What i can do to change it back without reinstalling the OS.

No guarantee but a vague memory and a quick google…

rpm -qa | xargs rpm --setperms --setugids

Just noticed any post install permission changes may not be changed though… Though I would suspect that to be only a few.

I’ll give it a shot after i’ll get home.Hope it works :-s

In the meantime, it should be:

boven:~ # l -d /
drwxr-xr-x 22 root root 4096 Jul 11 16:45 //
boven:~ #  

It worked with “rpm -qa | xargs rpm --setperms --setugids”
A little tweaks with the ssh server and mail server,but it’s ok now.Thanks all for helping :slight_smile: