root=/dev/ram0 not working???


I’m trying to PXE boot a test system that will have all the necessary files in the initrd which will stay mounted as root in the ramdisk.

I’ve found a fair number of places that seem to indicate that this is straightforward:
root=/dev/ram0 rw ramdisk_size={big enough}
supposedly will keep the initrd contents as root.

I’ve tried every variation I can thing of - /dev/ram0, /dev/ramdisk, /dev/ram…

And there are a few old articles “out there” that suggest removing the /linuxrc (or for OpenSuSE - /init) or removing the mount script…

none of these work for me. The best I’ve seen is
Waiting for device /dev/ramdisk to appear: ok
invalid root filesystem

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?


Have you looked at:

SuSE install with PXE boot - openSUSE



Thanks - but that is one of the many pages I’ve found.

My original post wasn’t clear - I have PXE booting working just fine, as long as I use NFSroot. The app I’m working on will have a lot of test systems logging into one server, so having one copy of the root fs for each system isn’t really a good choice. So the only problem is the ramdisk part…

I know that it can be done, since all of the “live” CD versions do it, as do other versions like PartedMagic.