RMS: De Icaza Traitor to Free Software Community

If you don’t like personal, blog-style reporting, you might want to skip this item. A few days ago, during a speech at Software Freedom Day in Boston, Richard Stallman has, at least in my book, crossed a line that I thought he would never cross.

RMS: De Icaza Traitor to Free Software Community

lol! A plague on both their medieval houses. “Traitor” versus “God’s creatures”.

It could be argued that De Icaza has indirectly broken this forum’s rule about religion, but I wouldn’t care to comment.

I personally don’t like both of them. RMS with his out of touch ideology and De Icaza with his MS fanboyism

/me grabs popcorn & soda for the show :smiley:

For an alternative view iTWire - RMS comes under attack again I actually don’t find either author well tempered with any sensible balance. One is a little too warm and fuzzy with MS/Novell and the other a little too anti MS/Novell… So with both articles I think you can see the middle ground.

I think Icaza’s “god” comment was completely appropriate when dealing with a largely unhinged religious fanatic like RMS, whose credo is “there is no God but FLOSS, and me its prophet”.