Ripping audio CD to FLAC - Dolphin/KDE 4 wierd behaviour

Hi guys,

I’m writing this post for something that I can’t even claim to be an issue. Yesterday I decided to rip some CDs of mine to FLAC format. At first I went to K3b but the application can’t create FLAC files ripping a CD, at least for me. Maybe the application has some features that I am not aware of. Anyway, surfing the web I found a post (I think in some Ubuntu/Kubuntu forum) that stated that KDE can create by itself FLAC files through Dolphin file manager, as long as the correct codecs are installed.

So I opened the CD with the file manager and there were multiple folders: FLAC, OGG, MP3 and stuff like that. Then I copied the .flac files from the FLAC folder of the CD into my hard drive: 16 tracks, about 5:30 minutes each, took me a hour and a half and in the meantime Dolphin lost its stability! During the ripping plasma notified me, before actually encoding and copying the songs, that Dolphin was creating some cache stuff. So far so good, I said. Then I made the same thing with other 2 CDs, but everything went smoother, accomplishing the whole task in about 15-20 minutes.

After a while a notification warned me that my home partition was full!!! :open_mouth: Trying to understand what happened I ended into the .cache folder (/home/myusername/.cache/) and there I found 3 files, matter of a few Kbs, except one of them 170GBs big! Trying to delete those files manually as user or root didn’t work. The only solution that worked was a BleachBit scan and cleansing of temporary files.

Can somebody explain me what happened?

Sounds like a bug in Dolphin. Also you should be able to rip to flac with k3b.
This is outdated guide but should work similar in 13.2

Can you try to install flac and libFLAC8 ? :

zypper in flac libFLAC8


thank you for your help but I had previously installed 2 FLAC packets, that’s to say libFLAC8 and libFLAC8-32bit. If it’s a Dolphin bug I have to live with it, don’t I? I mean, kde developers dropped KDE4 support for the new version so I don’t think this issue will be fixed. The flac packet anyway is missing. After installing it I will report if this solves the problem.

Don’t know the detail about KDE development but I guess you’re right on the fact that this would not be fixed. Unless maybe the code for Dolphin is the same or very similar between KDE4 and KDE5. If you know how and got the time it wouldn’t hurt to submit a bug report :slight_smile:

Let us know if installing flac will enable you to rip with k3b.

So, now K3b works fine ripping CD to FLAC but Dolphin behaves strangely: mounting the CD with Dolphin gives me the same notifications of my first post in the thread. The file manager creates a copy of a file I want to open in the cache folder before actually reading it with Amarok: to listen to a single track with the music player I have to wait 2-3 minutes before Dolphin does all that copy-caching stuff.

Furthermore, when I did open the new files I’ve ripped to my hard drive Amarok crashed, or to be more precise, its window did not respond to any command and after some seconds KDE prompted me a message saying the application wasn’t responding leaving me with two choices: wait for its response or kill it (I chose this option). This problem occured four-five times and in the end led to a crash-hang of the entire plasma-desktop (its process reached 1GB of memory usage) forcing me to Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to the login screen.

After a fresh login, everything seems to work properly and now Amarok plays the new files I’ve ripped.