Right click menu disappears very fast

Hi all!
I am using openSuse 12 with KDE … I have this problem … in Firefox, and Aptana studio(and other applications) when I click right button of the mouse I want to see the menu which has to be shown … but it shows only for one second and then it dissapears … so can someone help me if I could configure that because it is very annoying … the menu is working fine in dolphin explorer …

If available, try a different mouse. There’s a possibility that you have a defective one.

Yes it was from the mouse … the weird thing is that this mouse wase working perfect in windows …
Thank you very much for the help!

There’s probably a defective switch (for the button press). It doesn’t cleanly close, but seems to close/open multiple times. That’s called “key bounce”. And maybe the Windows drivers are handling key bounce better than the linux drivers.