Rhythmbox Can't Find My Music Partition


Long time Ubuntu / Linux Mint user investigating Tumbleweed with Cinnamon as my desktop. I’m real close to getting a test set-up operational, but having difficulty with supporting my 467GB music collection. With Linux Mint, I set up a Music partition (at /mnt/Music) which allowed me to exclude the Music partition from my Clonezilla backup of the rest of the system (located on one 1TB drive. It’s a laptop.).

In Linux Mint, Rhythmbox (v3.4.4) accepts file:///mnt/Music as the location of the music that I want to access. However, not with the Tumbleweed version (3.4.6).

Tried Clementine, but it appeared to have difficulty with my music library. Too big maybe? :slight_smile:

My preference is to remain with Rhythmbox as it’s what I’ve used for years and not interested is trying/learning something new. Any suggestions?



Is the device with the music collection mounted at that mount point?

  • Does the command “lsblk --fs” indicate if the device is in fact mounted where you think it’s mounted?

Sorry for the delay. Had the opportunity to build another LM 21.1 system yesterday. When I added Rhythmbox 3.4.6 it also could not find the music on this system (file:///mnt/Music/Music). Rythmbox was added from Flatpak. Upon removal, I added Rhythmbox from the Linux Mint package (3.4.4-5). It had no problem finding the music at file:///mnt/Music/Music.

@mbott001 if using flatpak, install flatseal and likely have to set what is allowed/not allowed to access the flatpak container.

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