Results of this year's Board Elections

Here are the results:

Congratulations to the winners and much appreciation to the others who made it a contest.

Also from me. I appreciate the offer of free time to be spend on the openSUSE community. As well as for those who made it as for those who didn’t and of whom I am sure they will spend their energy on openSUSE in different ways.

Copy of my post to the mailing list, and since nothing has changed between making that post and this reply in the forums, nothing has changed, so:

Congratulations, Gertjan, Simon, and Ana! It is good to see three Very Qualified individuals make it to the openSUSE Board.

… of course, IMHO, I think that was a guarantee in this election, whomever succeeded.

To Aaron, I hope you decide to run again next year.

And, of course, a Big Round of Applause to Kostas and the Elections Team for a Super Job Well Done!

Gertjan, Simon, and Ana, you have my Full Support and I offer any help I can give to you: You can count on it.

Otherwise, as for myself, I have been digging deeper into Contributions to openSUSE, and I intend to continue heading in that direction.

… I made some minor Contributions to Yast, as I learn, am also taking over the Yast-Fonts Module from Petr Gajdos and am going to become a full-fledged member of the Yast Team in the future.

… I am getting familiar with the Online Support Documentation and will be working on improving the SDB and Documentation.

… I am also going to be looking at helping spread the openSUSE News and other Communication Channels.

So, Christian and Doug can look forward to getting a bit more help.

Again, Congratulations, all involved.

Congratulations to all!

Election committee did a great election.
For Gerry and Aaron, thanks to step up as candidate, I believe you both will continue to contribute as you did so far.
For Gertjan, Simon, Ana we wait your contribution as board member.

Congratulations to all!

Thanks to all who put their hands up, whatever the results.