Restoring grub

I have windows 7 and Opensuse 11.4 dual boot system.i format a drive in windows.after the restart i can’t boot into Opensuse.i think the grub should be to restore grub easily?I’m having system rescue cd.please tell me the easiest way.thank you.

What did you format?
I note you are planning a re-install of openSUSE, was what you did anything to do with that?
I never use windows partition manager !

If suse partitions are in place and you didn’t change the partition order, you can re-install grub like this
Re-Install Grub Quickly with Parted Magic

Yes I’m going to reinstall Opensuse.but my downloads folder is important for me carl.i can get it via a live cd.but i want to know how to restore grub.'suse partitions are ordered’you are correct.but on a dual boot system suse writes it’s grub on a windows partition.i formatted a windows i can’t boot into Opensuse.

Your downloads folder (if you mean in SUSE) will not be affected by a re-install as you can keep /home as it is (do not format during install)
I suggested you back it up (that’s a given), though I often break that rule myself.
Re-install SUSE and it will repair grub.

Grub usually is on the MBR, not in a windows partition. And or a combination of that and the extended partition (if you have one)

Thanks for your advice Carl.I’ll reinstall Opensuse.