restarting laptop issues under 11.1

hi all,

i installed opensuse11.1 on my laptop which contains already windows partition but when i click on restart and choose windows i have a black screen and i have to push the power button and restart my computer and only then he gets to windows partitions and skips the grub menu:confused:

do you have a windows choice from the grub menu?
did you install suse after windows?

are you running Windows XP or Vista?

if running Vista once you get the black screen hit ctrl alt delete do you get a error message about login somthing or another??? have you tried to boot windows into safe mode by pressing F8 repeatedly untill you get to a troubleshoot and select start windows in safe mode. Once you are in safe mode do a scandisk on your windows HDD and reboot that did it for me trying to boot Vista. no probs with XP go figgure lol

actually i have installed opensuse after windows when i restart my laptop manually(push the power button) it’s ok no problem But when clicking on the restart button from within opensuse menu and shoose windows it’s seems to be ok but i got a black screen and my laptop still working(strange behavior:sarcastic:) first time i get this situation.

I can’t help with your boot problem, but I might have a suggestion that you can use. It depends on why you are still using Windows. If you aren`t using it for anything 3Dish, like games, then you can probably install your Vista as a Virtual machine. That way, you can use Vista from within your OpenSUSE OS, thereby getting the extra security benefits of Linux while running your crappy Windows apps. Its also very cool to have Windows running on one face of your cube, but VMs are not perfect. Check for issues that might affect you before you go that route. I’ve only seen this done. I refuse to use any MS products, (BOYCOTT BILL) but I sure you could find a good HOWTO on the subject. Also, Youtube has some demos if you need to see it in action to understand what I am saying.