Resolution Problems

Newb here, I can’t change the resolution beyond 1024x768 on my Dell Latitude D600 running 11.2. It’s got a Radeon Mobility 9000. The only fixes I’ve seen involve the Intel 915 chipset not this one. I’ve changed it in sax but even though it says it should be 1400x1050 it remains at 1024x768. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Are you running the ATI proprietary driver?

In sax it say’s I’m running ATI RV250 Lf Card if that means anything. I tried downloading x11-video-fglrxg01 in yast but is says it has a bad checksum, but I did read that the ati driver should be automatic in 11.2

No it is not automatic. The open source ones do load but not the proprietary one.

I suggest you read this

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