Resolution limited on new install

Having given up on a failed OpenSuse 10.3 and installed 11.2, I am now unable to get better screen resolution then 800 X 400. Previously there was no apparent limit, so I know the Viewsonic display is capable of much :(more.

In Yast2 the nvidia graphics card is identifed OK, but even in Yast I can find no way of getting back to the higher resolution. In the Desktop-tweaking app all I get offered is even lower resoulutions.

Please, how can I correct this?

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I have followed up suggestions, tried installing two different recomended drivers, and the only change is that I am now restricted to even lower, and useless, resolution.

Some straightforward and positive guidance would really be appreciated, so I can at least regain the performance I enjoyed with suse 10.3.

May I comment that I find it astounding that something like Opensuse 11.2 can’t cope with what is still a useful graphics card, of which there must be millions in use.

toastrack wrote:
> May I comment that I find it astounding that something like Opensuse

sure, you make any comment you wish…now, whether or not it endears
you to the potential helpers is another matter…

can i make a comment?

how could you expect anyone here to give you straightforward and
positive guidance when no one here knows which two different drivers
you tried to install when reading/following

or if they both installed successfully, or in which manner you
installed them (hard way? one click? easy way? compile from tarball?)

nor do we know if you installed (say) nvidia if you then successfully
ran nvidia-xconfig as instructed…and what the outcome was…

any errors along the way? or what…

i find it astounding that you expect us to be able to help you with
your problem in a straightforward and positive way, when none of our
crystal balls can tell us what you tried, what you didn’t try or even
what you should have tried (since no one here knows exactly “still a
useful graphics card” you are using, since you have not told us much
of anything yet!)

now, give us some useful info on where this went wrong and why this so
troublesome for you…i mean, it should be working already if you
installed the right driver, correctly…

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