Resolution change doesn't take effect - how I soved it

Hi, here I show my problem and how I resolved it. The reason that why I post it is because I googled a lot answers, but none works.

My problems:

  1. The resolution change (from 1024768 to 16801050)could not be saved to /etc/X11/xorg.conf
  2. After I manually changed the /etc/X11/xorg.conf, it could not take effect when I restart my suse. On restarting, it firstly 16801050, then jump back to 1024768.

How I resolved it:

  1. When click “Save to X configuration”, save the xorg.conf to user directory, then manually copy it to /etc/X11/xorg.conf using root privilege. (sudo cp …)

  2. change the resolution to 16801050 in nvdia-settings, then click “apply”, after it takes effect, go to “control center” - “display”, you will find the resolution here has been changed to 16801050, then press apply, restart suse, you get 1680*1050.

Some details:

(1) I have a nvdia GeForce 6150SE on board video card, and suse11.2
(2) I installed nvdia driver through NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE

Perhaps a quicker way is to run nvidia-settings as root. This is something that the nvidia packager(s) miss; when that command is added to the KMenu (assuming that you use KDE), it should actually be “kdesu nvidia-settings” to require the root password. You can go to the KMenu, click “nvidia settings” and it will run, but the resolution and screen depth changes won’t be saved because an ordinary user doesn’t have the authority to overwrite xorg.conf, as you’ve discovered.

What I do is open a terminal and enter “su” to become root, then run “nvidia-settings.”

su -

(enter root password)


(the graphical nvidia-settings program will start, make your changes)

(log out and you're done)

The quickest way is to leave out any configuration actions. Rename/remove /etc/X11/xorg.conf, just have the driver installed and all should work. Resolution will be detected and configured automagically.

It sure will … and it will invariably give you the highest possible resolution, which may not be what you actually want. (And if it makes a mistake reading the supported modes from the monitor – speaking from personal experience! – you have no video at all.) :slight_smile:

If you run Yast/Sax to change the resolution on an Nvidia, it won’t work. You have to run nvidia-settings, and like I said above, you have to run it as root or the changes won’t “stick.” They won’t be written to xorg.conf.

Can you tell I’ve configured NVidia quite a few time with Opensuse? :slight_smile:

hear hear :wink:

as i have seen the nvidia and ati wont be configured automatic.

With several monitors mostly lcd(tv) you need with nvidia “PreferredMode” “1920x1080” that for my DELL S2209W monitor in xorg.conf.
Normaly that resolution will not be detected by X, you get 1400 x 1050 not to say aspect ratio is 16:9 also not detected

So why remarks delete this and that and all will be all right by a reboot because that aint true

In VLC i have to configure the aspect ratio as in mplayer
So no automatic detection when playing a dvd

In personal-settings - display you cant set the aspect ratio

You see this machine is no laptop but a desktop!!