resolution 640 x 480


I recently installed Leap 15.1. Installation was good but at the end when I turn on my computer I see only 640 x 480 resolution and I cannot change it.
(Or at least I don’t know how)

I’m using KDE.
The way I’m trying to change the resolution is:
MEnu -> System preferences (or configure) -> Display and Monitor -> and Display.

I see there Resolution 640 x 480 but I cannot change it.

I have NVDIA card installed (I don’t if this has something to do with this, but just in case)

Does someone can give me a clue ?

Thanks in advance for any feedback



If you run cat /proc/cmdline in Konsole, do either nomodeset or noveau.modeset=0 appear? If either do, it almost certainly needs to be removed from the kernel cmdline. To test, strike the E key at the Grub menu, then you can backspace it away from the linu… line before proceeding. It can be made permanent via the YaST bootloader module.

If you run cat /proc/cmdline in Konsole, do either nomodeset or noveau.modeset=0 appear?

I didn’t see any of that

More information should help us help you. The X log in /var/log/Xorg.0.log or ~/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log can be uploaded for our inspection either by going to or or equivalent in a web browser, or via the cmdline utility susepaste that may already be installed. The inxi information gathering script, if not already installed, either from its author to get the latest inxi version, or from the openSUSE repos to get an antique version, will tell us some detail about your hardware. Please paste inxi output run from Konsole or Xterm or other X terminal here using code tags to maintain its formatting:

inxi -GxxSM

…and of course it can be updated if desired with

sudo inxi -U

What kind of system hardware are you using, recent, old or ancient?
It’s been a long time since even the initial boot(before you log in or the Desktop loads) that 640x480 was the default resolution… For at least 10 years now, GRUB has loaded the VESA driver which usually defaults to 800x600(and supports higher resolutions). Then, after your Desktop loads, a more capable GPU driver is typically loaded but if your problem began much earlier… Who knows what is happening without more info?

Am speculating your hardware needs more specific identification, in particular your GPU card should include model number, not identified as simply “nVidia.”


There was a problem with the nvidia driver 440.26, i.e. the kernel module couldn’t be built if you use a different language than english.

Should be fixed by now, but I don’t know if the new packages are in the repo already.