rescue broken system

I have recently upgraded a laptop from 13.2 to 42.1. Unfortunately, the hardware is less stable and the system freezes regularely on plugging in a USB headset. This has now led to a broken booting procedure.
The error message is “Failed to find module pciehp”. which leads to a fail in systemd-modules-load. USB devices and wireless are no longer accesible.
Any ideas of how to rescue this system are appreciated.

You have an entry named “pciehp” located somewhere in /etc/modules-load.d/* files.
This is the result of the update process so something was left over.

Check /etc/modules-load.d/MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT.conf and remove that entry.
Once removed you should be able to boot up.


I would use a live CD disk to access the directory.

The MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT.conf file is a converted entry from the old sysconfig.

Thank you very much.
I was able to use the netinstall 13.2 image to boot into an install and downgrade. I still get an error on module loading failure which does not seem to affect the system. The system has been resuced.