requests for recordings

I will be making recordings of various things regarding openSUSE as a form of video tutorials, what I’d like is your input…your suggestions.

I’ll probably use VirtualBox and recordmydesktop. I’m sure I’ll do one of the install and one of multimedia setup. So what other ideas do you have?

Well I think you need a tutorial on a few things that a lot of people always do. Does this include the setup of other applications within openSUSE?

  1. Samba Setup for a Workgroup for instance
  2. We know we need multimedia, but what about an addition for a home media center and Dolby Digital setup?
  3. Another add for multimedia is the assignment of /dev/dvd and /dev/cdrom. Who gets this name and why?
  4. How about the proper way to edit system configuration files and what choices do you have?
  5. With the new video setup, you need to at least point users in the right direction to setup nVidia and ATI video cards. There is already data up on video cards, but a central place to put it together would be good.
  6. Network hardware setup recommendations. Also, what is the default for ifup and NetworkManager? Based on run time hardware setup like NetworkManger for Wifi or some other method.

When I think about openSUSE, most everything I do directly with the product is to install it. From there, it is all about setting up all of my hardware first and applications second. What are you expecting your tutorials to cover.

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I’m not sure if this what you’re after:
Nvidia for Newbies part 1
It might take some work but could be worth considering.
Three suggestions on any install video is the part where the passwords are put in.

  1. To uncheck the autologin
  2. Not use user password as an Admin/root
  3. Maybe show how to put in a proper root password
    For tutorials how about how to add repos both GUI & CLI.
    If you’re a KDE user a video on getting a desktop theme.

Wow! Those are some really good suggestions.
Regarding #1, I don’t have a Windows machine. I have 3 computers and all of them Linux (openSUSE). I don’t own any Windows software. So I’m not sure how to LEGALLY go about this one.

The Dolby Digital setup would be interesting, but I don’t have the hardware yet. I might be able to work something out though.

You’ll have to better define #4. Do you mean via YaST or are you talking a text editor?

Regarding #5 I can do intel and nvidia cards. Maybe I can buy an ATI card at some point.

I totally agree with #6 and well all your suggestions are great.

So basically, a security video tutorial, and a package management tutorial, and desktop tweaking tutorial.

So Jonathan_R you have hit upon a basic problem we all have when we try to make write-ups to help others. That is, we have a very limited number of PC configurations to test with. However, you can portion out part of this work to others. For instance, when we talk about a Dolby Digital setup, I could provide the details of a couple of systems. Is there anyway to make a guide when you only have a few systems to test and you are getting help from others? I just don’t know for sure, but it has got to be better than nothing.

As for Samba, again there are several guides by our users here is this forum. A collaboration could be put together. Someone still has decide the final content and put the details together and it would be hard to make everyone happy, but the leader has the last word, in my opinion in such an undertaking.

As for editing system configuration files there are all sorts of ways to do this. Each subject has its own files to edit and methods to do so. Surely the sysconf file in Yast would be the place to start. You can use Yast to make changes and it can be edited manually using kwrite or other editor with root permissions. Yet, what you do does make a difference. Some manual edits work while others may not. Also, there are many system config files that provide useful system functions. An index to their use and location would be a good thing to know.

As for the video cards nVidia does have better coverage but ATI needs more help and support. Their cards are just too common and need help to build up, if that is possible.

Anyway good luck with your project and do not hesitate to employ others to do your deeds when needed.

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Another way to solve this would be if someone has the particular setup, then they could do it and let me know. Say for example, if someone has a Windows machine and can setup SAMBA, then they could do that one.

I don’t mind getting another video card, ATI, since I have 2 laptops and 1 desktop. The 2 laptops have intel cards, and the desktop has the nvidia card. I suppose I could even do a Dolby digital system with the desktop. (My daughter would love that). I use the desktop as my test computer.

Essentially, yes
My video skills are at best a less than novice level & totally awfully horrible at worst.