Request for matrix bridging bot access and forum link addition

Hello, I’m Nianqing Yao from openSUSE Chinese Community.

Currently, we’re moving our matrix chat room from to In other words, we have just created a new group on There are some reasons for doing this:

  • Chinese gov block (since it is not under the censorship of Chinese gov), so people needs use extra tools to bypass this censorship, while is not blocked. It is more convenient for people who lives in China.
  • We have lost contact with our former administrator. So we can’t block spam or delete user from our matrix group.

I want to know that can we use the matrix bridging bot on to bridge with telegram or not, and how groups on deal with bridged spam message.

And we have a forum on We will be very grateful if the site administrator can add this to “external forums” on this official opensuse forum.


Thanks, we will look into it and get back to you.