Repository source config files where are they located?

I recently installed opensuse11.1 via Gnome Live CD works great so far. However software update/installs seems to take long I am thinking I need a faster mirror started to look for config files to post current sources here.

One problem where can I find the sources config file?:confused:

The system’s supposed to automatically find the best mirror. Maybe it’s broken. I think what you’re looking for is in /etc/zypp/repos.d And a list of mirrors for 11.1 is here: openSUSE Download Mirrors - 11.1

I got some more speed out of my system by disabling and/or turning off ‘autorefresh’ for extraneous repositories. You can do this in the files listed in /etc/zypp/repos.d, or try it GUI-style with Yast2>Software>Software Repositories. Also, make sure you don’t have repos listed multiple times. I installed from the same media, openSUSE 11.1 Gnome liveCD, then added recommended update and multimedia repos: Some of them were there already, so my repos were a confusing mess.

Does it do this each time you update /install software or is it a one time process and how can I force it to re-check mirrors?


:\ Don’t know much about it, thus the list of other tips. The link I gave you for the mirrors list notes:

The master download server,, automatically redirects you to a server near you. The information on this page is generated directly off the database used by the master download server. So under normal circumstances, there should be no need to use mirrors directly, and look at this table for that purpose. If you do see the need, there might be something wrong and it would be appreciated if you notify the admins about it, so it can be fixed for the benefit of yourself, and possibly many other users.

More info here:
Build Service/Redirector - openSUSE