repository differences


what’s the difference between these two?

Main repository
Main update repository

i have much timeout using germany’s servers. when i looked at mirrors, there was two folders in each: distribution and update

so i want to add repository; which one to add? both folders?



To explain:

  • After release of version XX.x the distribution repos are frozen.
  • From there on updates, patches, fixes etc. for the packages in that repo will be published in the update repos.
    That’s all.

Your second link is the correct one;

OSS Update -
NON-OSS Update -

The update ones are needed for any fixed, updated packages as the will not be in the main repos which are fixed on GM release and never change.

To the @OP,
Just a reminder that if you use Malcolm’s URLs for your repos,
Do a rt-click and <copy> the link address… which will get you the full, not truncated address.
If instead you do a simple “copy” you’ll get a broken, shortened address that’s unusable.

Another way to think of the regular OSS and NON-OSS repos and their associated update repos are that the non-update repos are a kind of “base” repos with the minimally needed packages in their original versions when the distro was released. The update repos contain everything that came after the original release, modifying and supplementing what was in the original “base” collection.