What is the difference between “Configuring Software Repositories” for the “:” and without?

For example I found VBox 3.2.0 in the “Package Search (webpin)” which pointed to “Virtualization” and not “Virtualization:”.

Should I have both configured in my “Configuring Software Repositories”?

I have “only” 32-bits. I do not know if that matters, but when I do YaST > Software > Software search (webpin) and type VBox in the search field, I get five results where none of them is VBox, let alone VBox 3.2.0.

Thus I am not able to see what you see. And I refuse to believe that “Virtualization” or “Virtualization:” is the full URL.

Type in virtualbox and you will get the hits.

This is the url’s I was referring to:

One has the “:”

I clicked on both links you provide above. The first shows a repsoitory and the second gives an Error 404 (not found).

IMHO is is not that difficult to choose :wink:

Don’t ask me why webpin offers you that one. Maybe it has some cache or so.

…] and the second gives an Error 404 (not found).

The actual URL is →