Repositories urls - changing?


In 42.2 I had a repo to grab some files to build apps and all worked fine. Today I couldn’t update that repo because it no longer exists and seems to have been replaced by .

Bottom line - do repos move around or get renamed occasionally and if so, how can I be kept informed of such?


Not normally, looks like some reorganization, keep an eye on the openSUSE KDE Mailing List archive…

Or subscribe;

Thank you Malcolm. That msg from Luca proved I wasn’t going crazy then :slight_smile:

But is there a more ‘formal’ approach to such announcements? Apart from subscribing to yet another mailing list (more stuff I won’t read :slight_smile: ) are there announcements on a web page - say,


If it’s blogged about it will come through via openSUSE News, but not that I know of, or unless someone in the ‘Know’ posts about it…