Repositories not connecting


Is anyone else having problems with the repositories today??? Especially


Issues like this are usually short lived. And strangely they do seem to happen at weekends.

okay…Thanks :slight_smile:

If you are desperate you can always switch mirrors
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caf4926 wrote:
> And strangely they do seem to happen at weekends.

i agree…

my theory for the explaination is that while mirrorbrain
<> is a wonderful piece of magic, it can’t
cope with all the (for example) universities or gov sites around the
earth that go off line for some minutes/hours during the weekend for
‘routine maintenance’ [while the kids are getting sloshed and the
bureaucrats are collecting bribes]…

i mean like: mirrorbrain might pick and provide a route/target for
etech97 on saturday that was wonderful on friday, but Kaka this minute…

and, s/he gets zero happiness–with no apparent reason as to exactly why…

what think?

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