Repair boot loader?

Hello, I am new to openSUSE.

I reinstalled my windows xp on it’s partition but now I
can’t boot anymore on openSUSE11.1.

I tried to repair from the cd but there is no install
option anymore oddly, I can only boot the live demo. :frowning:

Is there any way to repair the boot loader from live demo?

Should boot loader be on another specific partition to prevent it to be removed when you reinstall windows?

I am having the same problem on the first try all was ok loader came up, i hade the option screen linux or windows I tried both OS rebooting each time but on the 3rd try when I wanted to go back to linux I had no bootloader any more it booted automatically to windows. I asked a co-worker and he said try a live cd an choose rebuild bootloader

boot from the liveCD

open a terminal like Konsole or the Gnome Terminal

type grub

type root (hd0,0)

This assumes that your suse partition is hda1. You have to trade the letter and number for two numbers separated by a comma, and they begin with 0, not 1. Hope that makes sense. If not, just google “man GRUB”.

type setup (hd0)

This assumes that your drive is hda. Do not include a partition number.

type quit

It should boot into GRUB when you reboot, but without the ability to boot windows.

Now sudo edit (use the editor of your choice - I like nano for quick and dirty work)…

sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst

Add this entry to the end:

title Windows

root (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

where root refers to the Windows partition using the convention described above.

above post corrected