Removing unneeded fonts

I’m trying to clean my font listing by removing all those that I don’t need/want (especially support for non latin scripts, and math symbols); whenever I want to select a font, I.E. inside a graphics software like Gimp or Gravid Designer, the font list is so heavily cluttered that makes it hard to actually find what I want.

Overall, I found that by removing the following packages, the biggest share of those unwanted fonts are gone:

adobe-sourcecodepro-fonts adobe-sourcesanspro-fonts adobe-sourceserifpro-fonts efont-unicode-bitmap-fonts stix-fonts texlive-lm-fonts xorg-x11-fonts xorg-x11-fonts-core

But when I try to update the system, these packages are automatically selected for reinstall, that makes me wonder if there are unresolved dependencies or if these fonts are actually used for something.

What should I do?

they’re recommended packages, or belonging to a pattern that is still installed. If everything works , you can lock the packages:

zypper al "PACKAGE_NAME"

Yes, I was thinking about locking them, but I was not sure if they were needed by something else.

Everything seems to be working as usual, so I’ll do that.

Is there some reason why openSUSE by default installs all of them instead of leaving to the user to get them only if needed?

More than likely added as ‘Recommends’ by packages when installing… not sure if can be overridden at install (possibly)…

i too want to remove unusable fonts but i was not able to do so
fearing i would crash my system
thanks a lot for the code very helpful:)

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