Removing Icons from System Tray

I’m using openSUSE 13.2 KDE. I keep getting icons added to the system tray, mostly FireFox & Thunderbird. I had this in earlier vesions too. I cannot figure out how to remove these spurious items from the system tray. Also is there any way to harden the system tray to prevent these icons from being added again in the future?

I’ve never seen firefox or thunderbird in the tray.

Do you possibly mean the task bar? They normally do have an icon there while running.

You can change that with the Task Manager settings (right click on the task bar). Just check the box “Only show tasks that are minimized”.

Personally, I just set the task bar to auto-hide. Then I don’t see what’s there unless I go looking for it.

Maybe he has, ‘Show a Launcher when not running’

Sorry. Yes I mean the Task Bar.

At the moment, on one system, I have a firefox icon, named firefox-2, to the utmost left of the task bar, to the right of the No of Desktops icon. It appears even before I launch firefox. After I launch firefox, I now have 2 copies of the icon in the task bar. It has appeared since after I installed and ran 13.2.

On my other system, I have 2 thunderbird icons named thunderbird-2 and thunderbird-3, on the right side of the task bar, to the left of my system icons (updates, amarok etc). They appear even before I launch thunderbird. After I launch thunderbird I now have 3 copies of the thunderbird icon in the task bar. These first appeared in 13.1.

If these were on the Desktop I could just right click on them and move then to trash or someplace else. But when I right click on these icons in the task bar, I only see Icon Settings & Panel Options. No way to remove them? If I left click on them they lauch another copy of firefox or thunderbird. I’d just like to remove them. Otherwise I’m quite happy with the default way the taskbar operates.

So the solution should be simple depending if they are added icons or quick launch icons
Click to remove or Uncheck any show launcher when not running

How do I check if they are added icons or quick launch icons?

You need to give me specific instructions on the two methods you suggest to delete them. There is no delete option when I right click on them. And where do I uncheck any show launcher when not running?

Then those are normal icons.
Click on the toolbox icons on the right end of the panel, and you should be able to remove them.

Such icons can be added by dragging an entry/icon out of the menu and dropping it on the panel, or by right-clicking on the menu and choosing “Add to panel”.
Since you seem to do that by mistake, right-click on the panel or desktop and choose “Lock Widgets” (in the “Panel Settings” maybe). It can’t happen then any more.

And where do I uncheck any show launcher when not running?

You can remove those by just right-clicking on them and choosing “Remove this launcher”.

OK. I suppose I have to delete them before I lock widgets. But I don’t see any delete options in the Panel Tool Box?

Hover over or right click the icon you want to remove with the tool box open to get the option

Or right-click on the corresponding icon.
As long as the toolbox is active, you will get an option to remove it.

That worked great. Thank you very much. Appreciated.

“wrestled” with similar problem; one icon linked to a non-existing application (removed earlier) on system tray; thanks to this thread, finally able to get rid of it.

Can we go back to the beginning and actually answer the question “How do I remove icons from the System Tray”?

I’d like to remove the spurious icon for a non-running Network Manager, and can’t seem to do that.

There’s a system tray option for that. Uncheck the box for Network applet (I’m not sure what it is called), and the icon won’t appear.

With Plasma 5, the icon doesn’t show up anyway. With KDE4, the system tray setting solves the problem.

Finally! Thank you so much!