Removed pulseaudio, all sound work except for desktop events

Hey guys, running OpenSuSE 11.1 gnome desktop, and was having quite the trouble with pulseaudio, so I removed it, and installed esound in it’s place (I have Alsa as well). All sound seems to be working fine for me now (youtube streaming etc) except for the fact that I no longer hear the login/logout sounds, or any other “Alerts and Sound Effects”. Even when I go into Sounds to test them, they do not play. This was working before the removal of pulseaudio, but now I can’t figure out why it won’t. My guess is that in some config file somewhere it is still trying to run the pulseaudio deamon, but for the life of me I can’t find out where that is (if that’s even the case.) Just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction, as I’m quite happy without pulseaudio now :slight_smile:


Sorry for double post, don’t see an edit- I just noticed that trying to stream some media from cbc radio one in firefox told me I was missing a plugin, yet it came up with an unknown one. Which plugin would I need to add to firefox now? Thanks.

Anyone able to help?

Don’t have a specific fix, but here’s a bunch of places to look:

SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE

Audio - openSUSE

and look at the references section here:
Sound-concepts - openSUSE

I also switched from pulseaudio to esound and fixed my problems, but I use KDE and having checked, I also don’t get a test sound in Yast>Hardware>Sound>Other so I seem to have the same situation. But as I have sound everywhere else ie Opera, Amarok, Kaffine, Flash, I can’t say that it bothers me. Sorry that my reply doesn’t answer your question but I thought I’d give you what I could. I suspect that by adding to your first post, thereby changing the reply counter to 2 from 0, may have caused others smarter and wiser than me to bypass your post assuming that your question had been answered. So I hope the info above can be some help.

i have an Audigy2 card that behaves the same in kde4, removing pulseaudio eliminates the stutter/breakup of the first few seconds of a playback, but i lose the system sounds and notifications… really stumped my intent on making it a mythtv box… i have never found a solution either, but the same rig was fine under 11.0 with different versions of pulse/alsa. hope you figure it out… good luck.