Remove wrong nvidia driver

Hi guy,
I’ve installed the driver x11-video-nvidiaG01 instead of driver x11-video-nvidia.:frowning:
I use Suse 10.3 and the graphic card is a Nvidia Quadro2 MXR/EX/Go. Now the OS doesn’t start in graphic mode e I can use only the terminal. Linux ask me the id and the pwd and then write “Have a lot a fun!” :frowning:
What I can do? How I can remove this driver and install the right one?


At the terminal log in as root and simple start yast with the command:


. Delete the wrong driver and install the another one. Reboot and… Have a lot of fun! :slight_smile:

Ok, Thanks. I’ll try.

I logged as root then I started YAST and removed the driver. I installed the right driver and I reboot, but now I’ve this problem: the graphic mode in ok but the display is in a scale of orange, in other words it’s impossible to work >:( and to see what is displayed. In a VNC session, with a vnc client in win xp, instead, we can see the colours correctly :(.
What’s happened? I tried to update the video drivers also in Ubuntu 8.04 but with the same results. Is it a monitor problem? The monitor is a LG Flatron M190WA.

sorry, the monitor is m198wa and not m190wa.