remove unneeded packages from my sytem


i wanted to remove the unneeded packages from my system.

i was being told from the #suse irc to use zypper rm -u PACKAGE_NAME.
And it worked.

The point is that i want some tool to do this job but for all the packages in my system…

is there something else except rmporphan?

When you go to YaST > Software > Software management, you can use a View called Package Groups. Somewhere at the bottom of this list there is “Orphaned Packages”.

But be carefull, the fact that no other packages needs a package does not mean that you do not need it. To give an (obvious) example: FireFox is (probably) not needed by any other package as a dependancy, but it depends on you if you need it :wink:

The general consensus here (search for other threads about this subject here in the Forums, you did not realy think you are the only one bringing this up, didn’t you?) that it is not worth the effort to remove these for a few MBytes of diskspace.

one critical question…

is there a chance to remove some package which is critical for my system?

what does yast mean with the term “orphan”?

I think: yes, but I can not prove and I am not going to try.

I guess: those that are not mentioned as dependencies in any other package.

Looking in YaST to my list of “Orphaned packages” I get the idea that those are packages which can not be found in any active repo in my repo list. Which is something completely different from what I told above.:shame::shame:

yes i think you have right.

my unneeded package is skype…


my unneeded package is skype

That can still have two reasons:

  1. it is at the top of the dependencytree, or
  2. you disabled the repo it came from (as I did).
    But in both cases, you have to decide if you need it :slight_smile:

As other people felt some need for doing what you want to do you could search the forums with terms like “orphaned package” (as I hinted above).
Maybe you find some clever zypper command there. Or you could studu *man zypper *yourself.