Remove bad repository

I am getting a very long error message from
a bad entry in the repository list. How do I scan the list
and delete this bad repo ?? (find text then delete)
Also, what part of this error message represents the
bad repo name ? Guessing the bold text
Thanks in advance !!

An error occurred during repository initialization.|]
Valid metadata not found at specified URL History: - [|] Repository type can’t be determined.

Hi, looks like you tried to add some ARM repo. Is this on an ARM machine?
Please show:

uname -a
zypper lr -d

In the output you will see a list of repos, incl. URLs, proceeded by an index number. You can remove the repo with the incorrect URL by

zypper rr Index_No_of_Wrong_Repo

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If you use Yast Software Repositories, you will probably recognize the repo immediately from that β€œ5d4c14c6” part of the repo alias. And you can remove it (or disable it) from there.

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Please open a terminal and issue the following command, then post the result here between CODE tags (the # button above the web editing window):

zypper lr -d

Thanks everyone.
Was able to remove it.
All is OK now