Remove a entire pattern


How to remove a entire pattern just marking a pattern rather not all files?

For a start, you do not mark “files”, you mark “packages”.

There is no way to remove pattern because pattern is not something self-contained. It is just package that has dependencies so these dependencies are installed when package is installed. It is one way relation - pattern needs these packages, but these packages can be installed without pattern as well.

You may try “zypper remove --clean-deps”; it should remove all packages that are not needed anymore, so if some package was only requested by the pattern you are removing it should also be removed.

First I thank you for your answer. You are right to say that they are packages and not files. My question is how can I uninstall all LXQt?



Easiest is to just leave it there, but don’t use it.

Yes. Good hint.

Thank you


You could also use YaST and remove the whole LXQT from there one by one by searching LXQT related packages.

Yes this is a possibility but I will not uninstall it for now.