Remounting optical drive

Hi. After the bootup dvd drive works fine, however, when I unmount it (for example accidentally, when messing with ntfs support), I don’t know what’s the proper way to get it back. /dev/sr0 is not listed in fstab. How does OpenSuse handle that? I guess something more is needed than simple “mount …” in order to make cdda protocol working, etc.

Late answer, but…

Removable devices do not appear in /etc/fstab unless you explicitly put (write) them there. But you shouldn’t as they are handled by udev, and listed in etc/mtab, which is a kind of “dynamic fstab”.
When you insert a media (CD, DVD, pendrive, usb drive, etc.) udev detects it, mounts it and writes the corresponding entry to mtab.
When you remove the media the device is unmounted and it’s entry in mtab is removed.

In kde3 you can set the desktop to show an icon for mounted devices (KDE Control Center > Desktop > Behaviour > Device Icons). In kde4 you have the device notification widget in the taskbar. In gnome you have something with the same function, surely.