Remote desktop from server to client

Hi all.

A task: need to establish remote desktop/ssh connection to people (FATHER | BROTHER | OTHER_NICE_PEOPLE) over internet. The problem is they do not have static IPs, but I do. I even have an HP ProLiant at home loaded with SLES 11.

A picture:

Imagine, people on the onter side of the wire (FATHER | BROTHER | OTHER_NICE_PEOPLE) have problems using openSUSE (I’ve replaced Windows XP with openSUSE on their computers for a good reason). Since they know next to nothing in system administration I need some times help them configuring their PCs (starting updates, installing software and the like. They do not have any rights to modify their systems on their own). So, when one of them is ready to ask for a help I need to be able to connect to his desktop and do what I have to do.

I have no idea of how to connect to them. I thought, it would be nice to be able to let them establish a secure channel to my place which I could reuse to connect to their desktops. Is it at all possible?

Thanks in advance!

Use teamviewer, TeamViewer – Die Software für Remote Connectivity it’s free for
non-commercial use. No need to know the IP address :wink:

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Thanks a lot! That seem to work, at least within my home. Will try it on my father in a day.

Malcolm, can teamviewer inter-operate between windows and Linux?

Yes, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and iPad… it’s an excellent

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Thanks for that info. I will have to give it a shot. I was going to suggest the free elluminate vroom ( | LearnCentral]( ), but I think I will give that TeamViewer a shot and see which I like more.

Well, I tested it out.
Seems more intuitive
Easy to use
Seems a bit blurry, even after tweaking quality

OVERALL: Not as bulky as elluminate, at least from a look and feel perspective. Works well. I like how the client can run the EXE without having to install it. That is a plus. Elluminate isn’t that bad either.

I recommend trying them both, see what you like more. Nice thing about elluminate is that they give your client a landing page. I created links to my page and one to the client landing page. My family clicks on their link, puts in their name, and then I can start to drive (after right-clicking on their name and requesting control). I will personally test with teamviewer more, see how I like it.