"Remote control requested" every time I use KDE Connect remote control

Hi Everyone,

as the title says the following message always pops up when I want to use the remote control function of KDE Connect:


It is really bothersome to go back to my keyboard and mouse to accept it and kind of negates the idea of remote control. I guess the checkbox “Allow restoring on future sessions” should solve that problem, but it doesn’t work (I tried both, checked and unchecked). I am using Plasma 6 with Wayland on Tumbleweed.

Btw, the wording on the checkbox is really confusing. Why couldn’t it be “Remember my decision”, or something like that? Or change the buttons to “Allow always”, “Allow once” and “Cancel”. Speaking of; after pressing “Cancel” I have to reboot (re-login) for the popup to return.

A while back I had a similar problem and the solution was to start KDE Connect with a delay on startup, but I can’t seem to find that again and don’t remember what I did (since then I had a reinstall).

Also, I’ve always had this strange problem where my pointer would sometimes get stuck in drag when I click with KDE Connect remote control and I have to press the escape key on my keyboard to get out of drag (mouse clicks don’t work).

Seems like an upstream wayland bug…


But this should already be fixed…

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Thanks for the bug report, but I don’t really know what to do now. The second comment leads to the fix I previously had, which is explained here:


However, that fix was related to a different problem and doesn’t work anymore.
See comment #3:


I don’t know how to navigate bug reports, but in the first link you provided there is a link to a bug report that I think says that it is not fixed?


… sooo, just wait for it to be fixed?