Remote Connection and VNC


I have a fresh installation of OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 with GNOME desktop as a VMware VM. I want to get a remote connection to the GUI so I enabled the Remote Administration (VNC).
(Yast > Network Services > Remote Administrator (VNC): Allow Remote Administration). After server reboot, I’m able to get connected with UltraVNC Viewer (from Win7) with “ip-adddress:1:5901”.

But I think I’m missing something, as this setup seems very limited and problematic. E.g.

  1. If you are logged in from Console and connect with VNC, you get the login screen but login just fails ("Sorry, that didn’t work.").
  2. If you are logged in with VNC, you can’t login from the Console! The login just fails.
  3. If the VNC session is locked, you are not able to login at all. Not from Console (login) or from VNC (unlock). I had to restart the graphical system just to be able to login from Console again (“init 3” + “init 5”).
  4. After testing for a while, I couldn’t login at all (Console or VNC). After first “successful” login, you just get another login screen witch looks a bit different (no autologin?), but login fails. After reboot it works again.

Is there some configuration that I have missed? Or are those just “features”?
Are there other options for Remote Connection to access the GUI?