Remote access to server via ip

I have created a website using wordpress and i have used my pc as a server(localhost).
I thought that anyone can visit my site with the url of the following format:
my_ip is the ip of my pc that i have used as localhost for my website.
But that is not working.So i am wondering if i can enable something like remote access via ip.
I have openSuse 12.1 installed!
Please help me cause i am a newbie in that stuff.

You need to open port 80 on your router and forward to your internal ip
address that is running the server, you also need to open the port 80
on your server vi YaST firewall.

So you would have


That means users would connect to;


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I’ll try that,thank you for your instant reply :slight_smile:

Welcome here.

It depends on where you system is. When your system is directly on the intenet, direct access from everywhere should of course be possible. But most people’s system are on a LAN and have connection to the internet through a router (provided by their ISP). That router will not forward any incoming IP packets to a system on the LAN when not configured to do so (of course for security, but also because there can be many systems on the LAN, which one to use for HTTP packets to port 80?).

If this is your case, you should find out how to go into your router (often the router has a web interface and you can use your browser to it’s IP address on the LAN) and find out how to do the port forwarding.

A second thing is that you can configure Apache to listen only to certain IP addresses (or ranges). You could have configured it to serve only incoming requests from the local host or the LAN.

And of course then the systems on the internet should use the IP address of the router on the internet, not the address of your system on the LAN.

Sorry, for some reason I missed @malcomlewis post. In fact he told you the same as I tried.

Thank you too!
I have to make a little research on what you said,'cause this is not my home-pc but one of the many of my uni-lab!
it’s the second day i use it!So i’ll have to figure out some things first in order to make configurations to the router!
Anyway i’ll keep in mind your info!

When it is on the LAN of your lab, you first try should be if other systems on the lab can use your web-server.

And, a not technical issue, most firms (lab or otherwise) would not let you prgram their router and also not welcome their employees to have all sorts of web servers open to the world.

For anyone else that is interested in something similar i found


extremely helpful!
And i have managed to solve any issues!lol!