Remaster LiveCD

Hi. Other distro’s have the ability to remaster (or make), a live cd of their install, is there an easy way to do this with Opensuse?

My thoughts are primarily with a fresh install complete with all updates, then make a live cd. In the event of a disaster a simple install from the live cd would get an updated version back again without the headache of installing updates, codecs etc…

Ubuntu has remastersys, PcLinuxOs can make Live cd’s by a default app but i’ve not seen such things for Opensuse versions >= 11.1.


maybe SUSE Studio can do what you wish, and more–have a look:


Thanks, i’ll have a look


I had a look and found it not to be the app i require to do the job. It’s ok if i want to pick and choose from an on-line list to make a live cd, but it will not snapshot my current install and burn it to disk, at least not that i can see. :frowning:


remaster the live cd and snapshot your system are two different
things…i’d not have sent you to the studio for the latter…someone
asked the same (snapshot) question just not long ago…but, i don’t
remember the answer…you might try the forum’s search engine…

i think there is a way, but . . .


The word snapshot was just my way of trying to give a better idea of what i was after. My install of Opensuse complete with all updates burnt onto a disk. The resultant disk would contain a snapshot of my current install as a live cd. :slight_smile:


yes, i well understand ‘snapshot’ a term you did not use in your
initial posting…

what were the results of your forum search…did you find the answer?


No answer :frowning:


Take a spare HDD and ‘dd’ your install to it. That would give you an exact copy of your current install.

I also want to make a custom live suse 11 for educational purposes not a cloned HD or usb install

specifically 1) no install button or function
2) flashplayer installed
3) ability to save settings , bookmarks and files to a usb stick

Basically a fool proof way to teach newbies without having them wipe out the existing HD installation. or erasing system files from a bootable usb stick.
Can SUSE Studio accomplish this ? I`m waiting for an invite to find out for myself. Other distros can be remastered but I want to promote SUSE.

I found this. Remastering openSUSE : How to Build your Own openSUSE Based Distro

Remastering openSUSE : How to Build your Own openSUSE Based Distro | Spirit of Change