i have opensuse 11.1 installed on my hp dv6137tx laptop. i have tried to connect to the internet using Reliance ZTE MG880 CDMA modem, using kppd; the device is recognized by the system but it shows “modem is busy” and i cannot surf the internet. plz tell me how to configure my modem correctly.

If you unplug the device then plug it back in and run this command


You will see where it’s located (e.g. dev/ttyUSB0 or whatever comes up). Then install kinternet and run the configuration setup at YAST / Network Devices / Modems and enter the location of the device there.

I’m assuming you already know all your phone numbers and passwords, etc. If not find out, I can’t help you with that.

After configuring in YAST start kinternet from the menu (it will appear in the lower right taskbar).

That’s the basic idea. If you have problems. you may want to connect with wvdial. Use this guide for tips and tricks for using wvdial:

[SOLVED] HowTo set up EVDO card or usb enabled phone(CDMA) - Ubuntu Forums](

i modified the /etc/wvdial.conf file with username and password & also made the nameserver entries in the /etc/resolv.conf file too. i gave the path of the modem as /dev/tty0 (for other possible pathnames it shows input/output error). i enabled the smppd too from the yast-> runlevel services.

when i run the “wvdial” command it shows :
“configuration not found for serial port
did you configure it properly with setserial
modem not responding”
please let me know how to configure my modem correctly? & what the ‘setserial’ has to do with it?

You can use GPRS_easy_connect for your device. Its like using some mobile phone pc suite. Youll need write support for your device. In most cases youll probably need to add your self to the uucp group. or take owner ship of your device.
umtsmon, those are other alternatives. and
are for console. some network provider requires that you also load the APN access point name, some doesnt. I will go for the GPRS_easy_connect. then you can try the others as this one will most likely have your provider on their list. :wink: