Rekonq - no sound

Youtube videos play but there is no sound. BBC news videos play normally. I couldn’t find any reference to plug-ins under the “Configure rekonq” menu.

Any suggestions?

So both site use Flash video. Have you tried this in Firefox by chance? What sound card/chipset do you have? Still using Pulseaudio I assume?

Thank You,

Firefox sound works on both sites. Sound card is C-Media CMI8738/C3DX. Pulse audio is enabled.

Since I consider Firefox operation the gold standard for us, flash operation there tells me its a KDE browser issue then with flash. It is hard to know what would be different between the two types of sites both using flash, but perhaps a KDE bug report is in order?

Thank You,

The rekonq version I am using under openSUSE 12.2 is 0.9.2. openSUSE 12.3 comes with version 2.1-2.4.1. That’s quite a jump in versions, with hopefully some significant changes. Since I am going to update to 12.3 as soon as the final release is out, I have decided to wait until then. If the problem repeats I will file a bug report.