reduce energy consumption in kde


Is there any kde application that serves to reduce power consumption? For example is “jupiter” but is for gnome. Jupiter Applet

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Have you looked at the KDE menu option: Configure Desktop / Hardware / Power Management before?

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Yes I have looked, but jupiter for example to adjust the CPU consumption on demand, kde does not allow that. Would also be nice if you could adjust the consumption of the graph.

If you want to set the CPU speed Governor directly, I have a bash script and indirectly it can be done from YaST. CPU speed is not currently an adjustment supported by KDE.

C.F.U. - CPU Frequency Utilitiy - Version 1.10 - For use with the cpufrequtils package - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

YaST Power Management - Control Your CPU Energy Usage How To & FAQ - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

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Interesting did not know these tools.

Is it equally effective use to reduce energy consumption using the YaST module and the script cfu or is better one or another?

A practical thing you can do, is to turn off all desktop effects. On my laptop there’s a significant difference, normal average usage. Effects off leaves 50% battery power after 2 hours, effects on leaves 25% battery power after 2 hours. This on KDE.