recover XP directory

start of id-10-t mode…

my recovery disks are missing (ha! two moves later, who knows?) SOMEWHERE in the pile, etc…

ME: I deleted a windows directory from linux
(the usual root stupidity, so shoot me…)

and have 1: no windows recovery point
or any file recovery utility that works

can’t make gpart can make work on a NFS filesystem.
( can’t even find it except on suse 9.3)

recover the directory and all the data will come back.
how? I need a directory (h:) on a seperate windows drive recovered BEFORE i do any more damage, thanks.

a 64 bit bootable in suse 9.3 10.3 and XP.

You could try DFSee. Excellent tools and good support if you purchase. I think you can download a trial version. All command line as I recall.

> (the usual root stupidity, so shoot me…)

no, we leave that to you.