Reconfigure Grub2 output display to fill entire screen during boot?

Hi, I recently installed some video driver software and did some testing then reverted back to the original driver (at least for the moment). I notice now that when I powercycle the machine the grub2 boot menu is not filling the entire screen there is about an inch wide spacer black blank frame around the grub2 menu load display. Is there a way to expand the menu to once again fill the entire screen fairly simply?


What I have done now is backup all of today’s new data and additional firefox bookmarks to a usb device. Then I executed the installer in a TTY2 and there were some complaints of compatibility. I continued through the process which finally ended. There was a complaint about not being able to update initramfs so after the installer completed I updated dracut then bootloader manually and powercycled the machine. Grub2 showed password for LUKS and opened slot0, next I was able to select the kernel at the boot menu. After that everything came down to a command prompt. I then thought to myself to implement my backup solution. Booting up the backup I notice that the grub screensize is the same as it was after I installed the G06 NVIDIA options.

  1. Is it possible to have anything installed on the video cards firmware or something of this nature to have this been invoked after installing the G06 NVIDIA option?

  2. As I have questioned before, is this standard to have grub2 message screen not fill the entire machines display? I see this is clearly the same on the backup medium now during boot. Perhaps I have missed this completely and am not recalling clearly?

-Best regards

What about posting a photo of your grub screen and explaining what part of this photo is wrong?

I am working to get a camera to do so most certainly. I know it would help with explaining things alot. I can use a phone camera this coming day from an acquaintance I think. It changes everything to have some sort of correct backup solution implemented I can see this now. I sometimes think to myself why I was so so cheap with everything only using things others didn’t want mostly.

I will send a photo of the situation and thank you for messaging.