Recommendations for RDP from windows to Leap

Hi all.

I use BricsCAD rpm, runs natively in openSUSE but has a lot of glitches that do not appear in windows 10, and impact productivity, and rendering feels more responsive in windows when zooming/orbiting a 3D model, doing automatic selection, dynamic tracking, etc. A windows 10 virtualbox VM is too laggy for real use.

I could run BricsCAD for windows in a second CPU, but I can’t get used to (and in fact don’t want to) work full time in windows, after almost 20 years using openSUSE.

I’d like to use a remote desktop server (windows)/client (Leap 15.5), with windows in full HD (or headless), serving the desktop to one of two 4K linux monitors. A third monitor (which I don’t have) wouldn’t help due to layout considerations.

Both CPUs are on the same gigabit wired LAN.

Ideally the remote desktop would support 4K resolutions with no perceptible lag.

Any recommendations?


All display forwarding has some lag.
WinVNC is fairly fast. Use Ultraviewer in wine on OpenSUSE is pretty lag free.
NX is also pretty fast and is free for OpenSUSE and Windows.
I found RDP the worst for lagging but does sound forwarding best - NX sometimes has a small sound delay. There is no sound forwarding in VNC.

For me, If I want 4K display, I would get a Samsung 43" TV (like the one I have Samsung - 43" Class TU690T $229 at BestBuy)
I have a Windows 11 (Dell Optiplex micro i7 12 gen) on one port and my OpenSUSE Leap on another port and Tumbleweed on the 3rd port.) Display is beautiful and no delay _ Have both as VNC (use X11vnc in Tumbleweed and WinVNC in Windows) on my Leap but when I want fast full screen I switch ports on the TV. (All my Dell Optiplex have Display Port to HDMI adapter cables to the Samsung UHD TV.)

Thanks for the insights, larryr. I’ll give the display servers a try, hopefully one will fit!

Supported Operating Systems
openSUSE builds, later than April 2020

On Linux systems, most graphics cards and GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD are supported.

Note to Linux users: Hardware acceleration of 3D graphics on Linux systems is NOT supported on:

  • Intel® graphics chipsets/cards.
  • Laptops with dual graphics adapters.

For more information about supported graphics hardware for BricsCAD, see the Redway3D GPU chipset reference page.

For CAD try to use PRO drivers with AMD chips.

Thanks, Svyatko. This is nvidia graphics only (RTX 2060), duly supported, at least in Windows. RedSDK appear to work on openSUSE with nvidia drivers, but somewhat slower than windows. The Redway site does not address linux support.