Recommendation for updates proxy

I have three LEAP 15.4 KDE desktops and one laptop in my small LAN.

I’d like to set one of the boxes as a proxy for updates, to avoid downloading everything four times everytime.

I don’t what to cache other stuff, like large files/torrents, only what Yast update downloads.

The proxy is for this LAN only. I don’t need to cache browser data nor yast software management downloads.

I’m reading but I’m not sure if there isn’t something simpler I can use. Recommendations?



Ideally, it would be something I could set to cache yast update’s download folder - which I suppose will be emptied after the local update is done, so perhaps it would require a delay to give time to the caching. The the proxy would delete the cahed files after a period, say, a week.

Use nfs:

Are you sure it’s worth the extra hassle?

The total Leap 15.4 update repository packages size for x86_64 (x86_64 and noarch) is approximately 21GB as of now. To estimate future growth we can look at Leap 15.3 (which is near end of life) which takes about 86GB. So about 100G should probably be enough for the Leap life time. Just mirror it and use as local repository. Official tool to do it is RMT (Repository Mirroring Tool) but it you can also use any other method. Adding yet another fixed 58GB for base repositories, you get local package source that can be used as installation server.

Anyway, you could look at which seems to do exactly what you need.

That’s an idea, the boxes already use nfs to exchange files. I also use syncthing to sync work folders, so perhaps I could use it too.

Thanks, karlmistelberger

It’s the download time, top speed here is 15 Mbps. I also feel I’m wasting the repo providers money, downloading the same stuff 4 times.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.