Recommend Twitter Application

I’m looking for a good Twitter application (with Facebook integration being a bonus) with the following characteristics:

  • Support for proxy settings in Gnome desktop. This is a must since I frequently change network settings at work between using a proxy and not using a proxy
  • Prefer GTK client since I use GNOME but would consider Qt
  • Supports running in notification tray with notifications of new messages
  • Needs to support OAuth since twitter switched to this on 1 Sep.

I used Gwibber for some time and while it is attractive it doesn’t support OAuth yet, doesn’t use notifications and doesn’t use the proxy. I also tried Pino but it doesn’t seem to support proxies either and I’m not a fan of the style it uses.


CHOQOK has proxy support with version 1beta4. I installed it recently and find it pretty good. Note that version 1beta4 is not available from the opensue repos so you must compile the sources, whic require a lot of dev packages so read the README.