Recently Installed Menu

Hi. How is it possible to delete the entries in the recently installed menu. Mine extends 2 wide (like XP) atm, and it doesn’t show up in kdemenuedit



the entries should disappear automatic in between 3-5 days (nor sure what the exact interval is) otherwise it is a bug :wink:

Hope this helps

Hopefully it will, it’s driving me nuts!


Kill the “FirstSeen” line from .kde4/share/config/kickoffrc (when KDE is not running).

What’s this? If it’s true, we’re all going down !! Nothing should disappear automatically, not today, not tomorrow, not in a week !!
Just the idea, that waiting for a couple of days makes things disappear from my system…Matters like this one are one of my 10 reasons to completely switch to linux…

So, if this is about double menu-entries, a bug report has already been filed a while ago, and it was solved. From what i know, the best chance is that you have a mix of packages.

I don’t think it’s a bug, more like a feature (reminds me of another feature - Yast2 closing without asking if you want to install any more software) :frowning: