Rebuilding update database

Can someone remind me how to rebuild the system update database?



Use zypper.

zypper clean -a -r <repo-alias>
zypper refresh

<repo-alias> is the alias of the repo you want to rebuild.

To rebuild the rpm database (with root permissions in a terminal):

rpm -vv --rebuilddb 

I always recommend users read this first: Repair an RPM database safely

Having typed that, I don’t know if that is what you meant by ‘system update database’.

Sorry, I sometimes err on the side of brevity.

I am getting some dependency (vendor) errors with online updates, and I want to see if a database rebuild will help.


What are the errors? How about showing the output of

zypper lr -d

“Vendor errors” aren’t usually a problem. Are there any particular packages showing this? How about showing the output of

zypper lr -d

Well, after a zypper clean of the update repo, and a yast online update, the errors seem to have resolved.

The vendor error (relating to k3b) was not a problem per se, but it was an inconvenience, causing the online update applet to abort.

Anyway, it seems to be fixed and I should just stick with Yast online update as I have in the past.