Reason & Cubase

Does someone know if Reason and Cubase work with wine or something similare under linux?

Hi niether work with wine or un a virtual machine.
You need to dual boot to use them but there are alternative Linux apps:
Instead of cubase Rosegarden: music software for Linux
ardour | the new digital audio workstation
Haven’t found a vaiable reason alternative to reason but you can have a look here Sound & MIDI Software For Linux

But to be honest dual booting is your best bet. I tried for a long time to get things working but ended up dual booting.

There are several audio distributions haven’t tried any though: - the home of JAD (based on openSUSE)
64 Studio | Have GNU/Linux your way!
Home | Ubuntu Studio


Even if you could get the software to run in Wine, you’d have issues with the hardware (speaking from experience). Linux supports a VERY limited number of MIDI interfaces, for example.

Hate to tell you this – I’m a BIG booster of F/OSS software – but if you’re serious about your music, you’ll have to stay with Windows or a Mac.


The reason why he uses Reason and Cubase isn’t just for the editing capabilities, it’s for the libraries of sound clips, tons and tons of plugins (most of which will NOT work under Linux – again speaking from experience), and all other sorts of goodies. Rosegarden, Audacity and other open-source offerings are nice, but they won’t get the job done, not for an experienced musician or producer.

Nowadays, when you buy a music editing kit, the editor is the least of it. I have to go back into Windows when I work with music.

Well aware of this have a home recording studio been using cubase since 1996 when they introduced cubase VST


Hah, next time, I’ll look at your avatar before preaching to the choir!!!